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Carp Slam News!

Oakley Sunglasses has stepped up to provide 1 pair of sunglasses to all the amatuer participants in The Pro-Am.  The glasses will be worth $150 or more.

Rio Fly Lines has donated Fly Lines and leaders to all participants in Day 1 including pros.  The fly lines and leaders are worth $80+

Lunch Time Speaker on Saturday,  Aug. 21.

This year’s lunch time speaker will be Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper to speak about the city’s promotion and involvement in RISO and RINO, the key initiatives that are helping to restore and enhance the S. Platte River for a variety of recreation uses, including Fishing!

World Fishing Network Looking for Ambassadors

Become a WFN Ambassador

And tell everyone how to fish for carp in the South Platte.

A WFN Ambassador is a volunteer representative of WFN: World Fishing Network, providing content from their region including posts, blogs, pictures, video and more.
It is FREE to join and you will receive WFN Ambassador gear and a certificate after you post your first blog.

WFN wants the Carp Slam participants to write about how you are preparing for this tournament, the gear you plan to use, the best techniques to catch carp…and report how well you did on August 21 & 22.

Apply today Contact Liz Ogilvie

Carp Slam Open Day 2

We are looking for the best Carp Fisherman in the country.  Do you think you have what it takes? Fly Fishing only.  Leave at 8:00 am and return at 2:30.  Your chance to win $1,500.

Chris Galvin and Tim Emery are laying down the challenge.  Think you can beat us? Sign up!

If you need a partner please send an email to Tim@FishExplorer.com


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