CarpSlamVIII Results

Carp Slam VIII a huge success !

The Competition to catch Carp with a fly : 14 Carp, numerous bass, a Walleye and sadly an expired beaver.

1st Smethurst/Graham 52.375”
2nd Bever/Rivoir  49.25”
3rd Wells/Esson   46.75”
Largest Carp- Frank Smethurst 30.375”
Largest Exotic- Barry Reynolds 21” Walleye


Reed Baker (not Reid Baker) won the rooftop casting contest with a score of  10110

Ken Hume of Golden won “Fish with a Pro -Barry Reynolds” author of Carp on the Fly, Beyond Trout, and Fly Fishing with Barry Reynolds from Bass to Walleye, and father of fly fishing for Carp on the Denver South Platte.

Zach Drazner of Idaho won “Fish with a Pro – Trevor Tanner” author of, Hero of the Denver South Platte, Organizer of the 2014 Chatfield Carp Rescue, tier for Catch (Official Fly of the Carp Slam)  and former winner of the Carp Slam.

Slamateur Fund Raising:

1st Place: Alan Rivoir – $8,000 !!!!      2nd Place: Sam Doyle – $5,150 !!!  Over $1,000 Doug Long, Matt Esson and Jay Shoemaker  …. Slamateurs raised over $23,000 !!!  These funds will be leveraged to improve the Denver South Platte aquatic habitat and fund Trout-In-The-Room which gets kids as excited about fixing the next 26 miles as you are.

These anglers have some real friends and are real friends of the Denver South Platte.  We salute them !

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Here’s what Mike Hobbs, Ops Manager of Carp Slam VIII has to say:

Thanks to all of you for making the event a big success.  Adverse conditions on Friday, when “showers” turned into a deluge required us to scrap our Plan A beats and reconfigure them upstream to lower/clearer water.  This process was made possible by Barry Reynolds and Trevor Tanner who consulted on the hasty reconstruction.  There were a few conflicts on the river that were handled with aplomb by all concerned.


A total of 14 carp were taken.  Other species included smallmouth, largemouth, walleye, trout and sucker.  Largest exotic went to Barry Reynolds for a 21” walleye.  Trout fishing has been very good on the river this year.  We are not sure if this is a trend or an event.  There has been plenty of water and oxygen in the river.  Many of you came to the tournament to learn about carp fishing. Volunteers quickly learn the difficulty of taking carp on a fly. We hope that you learned something about the game from people that are very good at it. Here is a quick recap of recent player success in the tournament.

























On average, 63% of participants do not catch a carp.  The antidote to that is spending many hours on the river stalking these fish.  You can find lots of info on flies and links to other resources at


Enough about the fishing, the purpose of this event is to bring attention and funding to what may be the most unloved stretch of water in Colorado.  The Slamateurs hit it out of the park this year raising money through social media and friends and family networks.  Amateur fundraising exceeded $23,000 this year.  An estimate of our Net is $25-27,000.  While this is a pittance in the river restoration world, it can be leveraged up to much greater impact through matching and partnerships.


We really appreciate the work that you put in this year.  This event cannot succeed without a lot of volunteer support.  If you have any pictures of the event we would like to have them.  You can send them to John Davenport at  We should have beats posted to within the week as well as all the results.


We’ll be doing this again next year.  In the interim, I plan to redouble my efforts to get fired from my job so I can play in the event someday.


Best regards,

Mike Hobbs

Slam Ops Mgr/Volunteer Wrangler