Are you ready to fish?

Last Friday I took the afternoon off to catch a carp. The water was perfect 110cfs in Englewood! The carp were easy to spot, happy as could be until… I made a cast.  Then they were mad!  Damn those carp are smart!

As of writing this post, the water is up to 400 cfs on the South Platte.  What does that mean?  It is carpin time.  Get ready to catch a lot of fish and that carp numbers may be a little down from last year.  That also means it is anybody’s game!  Rob Kolanda didn’t win the year the water was up, so everybody has a chance!

We still have a few spots open.  If you have some special clients that you want to sign up, let us know.  We will make note if you sponsor somebody.

Make sure you have family and friends come to lunch.  Mayor Hickenlooper will be speaking and we will have members of Wells Fargo in the house.

The awards party will be fun, with music from Gary Morse and FREE BEER from Wynkoop Brewers.  Plus, some great silent auction items to buy.

Just a reminder, all sections of the Platte South of 144th are off limits.  You can scout, you just can’t fish.


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