Urban South Platte River

Denver South Platte River

A Vision of the Urban South Platte River

  • We are proponents of natural based restoration as opposed to structural control of riverine systems.
  • We believe that a natural approach would be a significant improvement over the purely structural channel modifications previously completed.
  • Natural stream improvements are more sustainable, provide greater natural resource benefits, promote active recreation, such as angling, boating, and passive recreation, such as bird watching and relaxing. It will result in a river that is much more aesthetically pleasing and in unison with the natural setting.

What are we doing to forward the cause?

We advocate for and participate in the restoration and enhancement of the South Platte River in the Denver Metro Area. We are actively involved in the study of and in the advancement of improvements to the river .

Carson Nature Center

We worked with the South Suburban Parks and Recreation District to study how the Carson Nature Center’s reach of the South Platte could be enhanced to support a better native fish population, recreational fishery and riparian habitat. In May of 2013 after a 60 day construction project minor  structural changes to the river bed were made providing low and high flow channels, sediment removed and obstacles were implanted to provide refuge for fish during high water. These changes improved the aquatic environment immediately and within hours trout returned to this stretch of the Denver South Platte. We are excited that we can all now cast the Carson riffles. Read more …

Overland Park Pond – Deeper, healthier, safer, more accessible

With financial help from Denver Trout Unlimited the Overland Park “Gateway to a life of Fishing” Pond was reconstructed by:

  • Dredging and deepening of the pond. Over 200 cubic yards of material was removed. The deepening was done in three major areas, in front of and to the east of the dock, to the east of the amphitheater, and in the N.E. corner of the pond.
  • Replacing the old deteriorating wood dock with a new one.
  • Building a wheel chair access in the N.E. corner of the Pond, down to the water for accessibility to the water. This area can also be used as a boat launch.

Denver – in city – Habitat Improvement on the South Platte  – $5 million dollar construction project.

The River South phase II project on the Denver South Platte improved the habitat behind the Overland Golf Course. Denver TU is a partner in this funding along with the City of Denver, Great Outdoors Colorado, Greenway Foundation, and others. River Vision Implementation Plan is the name of the project for this area. Check out the full report on Greenway Foundations site. Read more …

Denver South Platte Minimum Flows

We engaged Ecological Resource Consultants, Inc to help to study the best way to establish a healthy minimum flow in the Denver South Platte. The results were surprising and achievable. Wells Fargo awarded us a $50,000 grant to study ways of achieving a healthy South Platte through cooperative water transport.

Full-Year Temperature Monitoring

We’ve placed 6 full year temperature sensors under the advice of Colorado Parks and Wildlife along the Denver South Platte to take hourly temperature readings. These sensors will be downloaded every 6th months to create a history of water temperature fluctuations to help manage the fishery and study changes from development, restorations, and storm water.

For more information on where the funds raised by the Carp Slam go in helping the Denver South Platte check out the Denver Trout Unlimited site.