Pro Predictions and Prognostications

The Carp of the Denver South Platte (DSP) truly appreciate these exemplary Professional Guides and Writers who have sacrificed a lucrative day of guiding or writing to compete in a contest to make the aquatic habitats of their home water better. Visit your favorite Pro’s page and make donation to the Urban South Platte and they may win a Customized Nautilus “IFTD/ICAST Best of Show Salt Water Reel 2013” CCF-X2 Model 68 generously donated by Nautilus and Trouts Fly Fishing.

This is their story:


Professional  Guide Service Why I Carp Slam: Bold Prediction
Barry Reynolds I invented this sport. You can’t keep me away. Carp will once again show they are smarter than humans.
Chris Barry Orvis loves carp. This is not as easy as it looks.
Chris Galvin  To stalk trout and raise money. Carp will be caught.
Clint Packo  I believe in habitat rehab. Carp will once again wrap me around the bridge piers.
Cody Muchow  Fun, screams, hook-ups. Even in difficult beats, I’ll fool some carp.
Dave Luna I’d like to win again. No break offs. None. Not like last year’s Luna Landing. 
Dave Maynard  It ain’t the Baja, it’s better. Carp will tremble.
Frank Smethhurst  The DSP deserves it. Can a mouse catch a carp? Watch.
Gifford Maytham Love It!! Dancing with Carp.
Jake McKittrick  The Slam is one exciting tournament. If hooked, I will not give up. See this. 
Kirk Deeter  This is my home river. Many carp will SEE my flies.
Reid Baker Just to be close to Clint Packo I love my boss but I’ll land more carp, no offense.
Scott Wells  I feel a need. Fish landed will be inked.
Tom Bie  The Carp Slam is turning this river around. Adventures will be had.
Ty Clifton  To raise money for a great cause, give buddies hell and to chased one of the hardest fish to fool period.  Each year the competitors keep getting better and better. The key will be no rod tossing and solid nerves.
Kerry Caraghar (Barry Alternate)
Tim Emery – 1st Alternate

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