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Slamateur Registration

There may still be openings. Check the list below. 

  1. Register as an alternate for $500 which will be refunded if dropouts don’t create a spot. This has never happened. Somebody always pulls an unceremonious exit at the last minute  or is arrested, has a personal emergency, or gets lost during the lunch break. You probably will get a chance to fish and you get tickets to the Afterparty, Breakfast, Lunch and a chance to rub elbows with the best anglers in Colorado.
  2. You can convince that unappreciative boss you work for to salve the corporate guilt due to meager civic and environmental contributions by become a $5,000 sponsor of the Carp Slam. You’ll be entered as a competitor and your corporation will be know far and wide as a committed friend of the  Denver South Platte River.


15 Slamateur Slots and 2 Alternate Slots will be open for

CARP SLAM XI  – Sept 23, 2017 on the Denver South Platte River

Add your name to this distinguished group.

Carp Slam X –  Saturday – Sept 23, 2017

  • You know you’re good. 
  • You know you can catch carp.
  • You know you want the recognition as a fly flinging carp stalker and Denver South Platte fund raiser.
  • There is just ONE way to do it.  REGISTER NOW.  Only the first fifteen and an alternate or two will be accepted for this most outrageous world famous fly fishing contest.

Slamateurs must act quickly to land one of the remaining slots.  Registration fee is $500 via Paypal using the form below.  Back channel communications with past winners, payoffs to board members, and shameless begging won’t cut it. Cough up the $500 and deliver it via the secure Paypal form below. (You can use a credit card. You don’t need a paypal account.)


  $500.00 to Enter the Carp Slam. You’ll help the South Platte Aquatic Restoration with a tax-deductible donation. The first 15 to successfully register are assured of a spot in the World Famous Carp Slam ! The Alternate will fish if there is a no-show.


You should get a receipt from Paypal as well as from Denver Trout Unlimited. 


 Hurry… There are only  TOTAL of 15 slots and and 2 alternates.


Fine print:

  • In case of website, system, communications, or internet errors, only those entries that actually make it all the way through to our time/date stamped Paypal account will be official. If you have a problem KEEP TRYING. We will return duplicated or oversubscribed donations if requested.
  • Those currently registered: WARNING- There may be system delays in posting the names of successful registrants on the CarpSlam homepage.
  • If you have any problems text or email