Recap of Carp Slam X 2016

Recap of Carp Slam X  2016       Tenth Anniversary

     Weather was gorgeous and flow at the Denver Gage was a steady 150 cfs the entire day and had been steady for a week. The new moon did not provide enough light for the carp to gorge overnight but they were wiley and difficult to spot for some none the less.

     But they were home and ready to play. Not, of course, for the nervous Slamateurs who were all skunked by the carp in the morning session, except for Joe Marr. In the afternoon, Galvin’s slamateur fishing buddies, Naake, Davis, and Richards all scored carp. Hmmm. This may be the secret to Slamateur success. Twenty two carp were caught by competitors, a new record along with four trout and many bass.

     Chris Galvin, defending champ from last year, hooked into one of the MileHigh Stadium carp under the I-25 bridge and carefully moved it downstream in order not to disturb the pod. Then ten minutes later tricked another for a masterful 2 fish within a few minutes. He added another only ten minutes before the morning session ended to take the lead going into the lunch break at Black-Black Cafe. In the afternoon session he left his amateur, James Davis, alone while he scouted for more carp. When he returned he found that Davis, the last slamateur to register and initially classified as an alternate, to have landed two carp!! With 5 carp for a total of 113.75 inches, the Galvin/Davis team defended the title and brought home the coveted Carp Cup awash in Upslope beer. The total inches of carp was the largest team total since Carp Slam record keeping got organized.

     Second place was snatched by Trevor Tanner and Kyle Richards on Beats F and L, the exact same beats that Bever and Davenport fished but with a different outcome. Incredibly, they caught identical  twin carp, 20.000 inches, only 15 minutes apart in the afternoon. It takes both skill, karma, and celestial intervention to pull off that feat.

    Third place went to the team of Frank Smethurst and rookie Vernon Naake with 3 fish for 70.38 inches. Fourth place was nailed down by Scott Wells and Joe Marr, both Carp Slam veterans with a strong morning on Beat K.

    The team of Jake Mckittrick (esteemed donor of Carp Slam awards and swag) and Ronnie Crawford (revered unofficial Riverkeeper of the Denver South Platte) had  huge success at MileHigh. Jake landed a monster rainbow (21.5 inches) taking top prize in the largest non-carp category, and Ronnie landed a nice rainbow (19 inches) as well. Jake took top prize for largest carp with a near yard long carp on the Dartmouth beat.  Meanwhile Ronnie the Riverkeeper was on the phone with potential donors. With one hand he cast and landed fish with the other bringing in an astounding $4,306 to win the Grand Prize of Carp Slam X in the Slamateur Fund Raising Competition.

     Five Slamateurs, including Alan Rivoir, winner in Carp Slam 8 with $8,000, raised more than $1,000. Our amateurs brought in a total of $16,675 to help the aquatic restoration of Denver South Platte. This total was exceeded only in 2014, Carp Slam 8. Well done Slamateurs.

      The volunteer Controllers did a grand job keeping all the competitors in their beats, off the bridges, out of the construction zones, and hydrated. Their measurements to 1/8 of an inch of a species know for its aversion to measurement, were masterful.

      The afterparty on the top floor of DaVita was spectacular in view, venue, music, food, beer, and wine. Those not finishing in the money during the carp slam reclaimed their honor with high quality winnings in the silent auction.


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