Sam Doyle

Sam Doyle throws tight loops.

Bio: Casting, casting, casting. You can flail away at a cutthroat in a high mountain stream all day but you only get one chance for a perfect cast to a feeding carp in the Denver South Platte. Drop that fly to far away or too close and you’ll spook him for the whole tournament. Casting is what I do.

Carp Slams: Rookie 2014

Favorite Carp Fly:  What ever the pro picks.

Why I am competing:  You can’t cast in a dry river. I compete to help the fish, the flow, and the health of the Denver South Platte. I’ve been selling investments in clean water my whole career. I can do it for the Carp Slam Fund Raiser.

Bold Prediction:  A master casting instructor will have a distinct advantage in getting the right fly to the right place. If my pro partner can pick the fly, I can put it in the right place.


My Fund Raising Goal: $ [wpdonategoal cid=53]

What I’ve Raised So Far: $ [wpdonatecollected cid=53]

Help out the South Platte Aquatic Restoration with a tax-deductible contribution: [wpdonatebuy cid=53]