Updates! 7-21-2010

Carp Slam gets rolling!

The Carp are eating and the river level is perfect for finding the Carp.  We heard a rumor that another state record grass carp was caught.  This time by one of our pros.  Keep checking here for more details.

Oakley becomes a Walleye Level sponsor!

All amateur fisherman who sign up for the Pro-Am will receive a free pair of Oakley Sunglasses valued at $150 or more.  Oakley will also have other items to give away during the event. Sign up here!

The Carp Slam will be featured on The World Fishing Network. The show will air on Tuesday, August 24.  World Fishing Network is NOT on Comcast.  Everybody needs to call Comcast and tell them you want the World Fishing Network the number is 1-800-COMCAST.  You can see WFN on Dish Network if you have the premium package

Carp Slam makes headlines in the Fishing Wire.  The Fishing Wire is a daily news source for all things fishing. Learn about the latest gear, tournament updates and fishing news.


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