Tight Race for the Orvis Helios – Doyle Leads on 8/5

  • The Slamateurs are casting to all their targets via email, facebook, twitter, and linkedin. 
  • The stakes are high. A one-of-a-kind ORVIS Helios II top of the line 6 weight rod. (Graciously donated by Orvis to the Carp Slam.)
  • The benefits are long lasting. Improved aquatic habitat on the Denver South Platte like: the completed projects at Carson Nature center and Overland Park Pond, under construction projects at Grant/Frontier Park and Overland in the river, and in the grant pipeline for River Run Park in Sheridan… All brought to you in part by the Carp Slam Fund Raiser.

Here are the standings. Help OUT !!!!

Sam Doyle  $[wpdonatecollected cid=53]
Matt Esson  $[wpdonatecollected cid=58]
Danny  Frank $[wpdonatecollected cid=59]
Brett Graham  $[wpdonatecollected cid=60]
Steve Hall  $[wpdonatecollected cid=61]
Barry Howsden  $[wpdonatecollected cid=62]
Dan Kagey  $[wpdonatecollected cid=63]
Doug Long $[wpdonatecollected cid=64]
Shane Michael  $[wpdonatecollected cid=65]
Marshall Putzier  $[wpdonatecollected cid=66]
Alan Rivoir  $[wpdonatecollected cid=67]
Jay Shoemaker  $[wpdonatecollected cid=68]
Stephen Sparks  $[wpdonatecollected cid=69]
Will Rice  $[wpdonatecollected cid=75]
Andy Sutthoff  $[wpdonatecollected cid=74]

Bulletin !!! Erica has been sidelined by an ankle mishap. Will Rice is in.