Joe Marr – This is my second Carp Slam. The first was so much fun, I’ve recruited a bunch of my buddies that fish with Chris Galvin to join in. I’m stoked for Carp Slam X.

Join me in making a donation to conserve this river.


Go ahead make a donation. This is a great cause that will benefit our grandchildren.

1. Joe Marr$ 500.00
2. Jay DeSalvo$ 250.00
3. Marilyn Marr$ 100.00
4. Chris Geddes$ 100.00
5. david friedenson$ 100.00
6. anonymous $ 50.00
7. Anne Birdsall$ 50.00
8. anonymous $ 37.50
9. Bob McGuire$ 25.00
10. Thomas Smith$ 25.00


The Carp Slam provides seed money for studies, restoration project matching funds, and temperature sensors all of which have helped trigger the millions of dollars of improvements in what was once just a flood control project in a polluted river.

Last year the median donation to our cause was $50 but even $10 will be wildly appreciated.

Denver Trout Unlimited is a chapter of our parent organization Trout Unlimited which has a Charity Navigator score for Accountability and Transparency of 96/100 for a 4 star rating. Denver Trout Unlimited has no staff, no office, no overhead. It is an entirely volunteer organization putting funds raised into improving the aquatic habitat, quality, and quantity of water in the Denver South Platte River. Our focus in UNDER the water line.

Donations are processed securely through Paypal. Your information will not be shared with other organizations. Save your Paypal receipt and email acknowledgements for your tax records.
Send us an email if you have difficulty.

This is what Denver Trout Unlimited has done on our home water with

funds raised by Slamateurs like me in the 9 previous Carp Slams.