Val Roberts

BIO: Val is a Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing ambassador. He’s also an ambassador for all things outdoors in Colorado. He only fishes in bad weather but will take his chances this year on the Carp Slam.


Carp Slams:  Rookie 2015

What my Pro Partner can expect from me: Whoops & Shouts. Recruitment into the Project Healing Water program.

Why I love the Carp Slam:  It promotes the cleanup, improvement and conservation of a great urban river. I have wanted to do this since first hearing about the Slam, and this year I get to represent my organization Project Healing Waters Denver for our first Carp Slam.

Bold Prediction: Disabled vet coupled with his pro angler SLAMS the slam.

1. Val Roberts$ 500.00
2. Sherry Tomlinson$ 100.00
3. Marsha A Harper-Zierdt$ 50.00
4. Robert Campoy$ 50.00
5. George Franklin$ 25.00
6. Khalid Osbourne-Roberts$ 25.00
7. Sharon Murrell$ 25.00
8. Marco Dominguez$ 20.00