Shawn Coulter

BIO: All the way from Redding, California, Shawn brings in deep knowledge of water of various depths. As the only former U.S. Naval Academy competitor, we think, his unfair advantage of government training in the water will be off set by the high flows of the Denver South Platte. Ronnie Crawford will be helping Shawn overcome this handicap by lending his friends list during the fund raising competition.

Carp Slams:  ROOKIE 2015

What my Pro Partner can expect from me: Smiles and good nature.

Why I love the Carp Slam: Anything that helps the rivers and waters of the US, I am pledged to assist. The Carp Slam is it on the Denver South Platte.

Bold Prediction: Listen. Ronnie talked me into this. I have no idea what’s going on. But if I can catch a salt water bonefish, I can catch the elusive Colorado Dorado.

Help out the South Platte Aquatic Restoration with a tax-deductible contribution:

1. Shawn Coulter$ 500.00
2. John Heusler$ 200.00
3. Clint Gardner$ 100.00
4. richard mootz$ 100.00
5. Rhonda Geske$ 75.00
6. Joseph Coulter$ 50.00
7. Heidi Shilling$ 25.00