Fish with a Pro

Two ways to fish with a Pro for Carp:

1. Enter the CarpSlam.    FAIL.  Sorry, registration is full.

2. DTU’s eBay auction of “Fish with a Pro”

Clem has managed to talk some of the Carp Slam professionals into donating another day of their time to fish with you. If you win one of DTU’s eBay “Fish with a Pro” auctions you’ll have a fishing buddy for a day that really knows how to do it. You’ll fish to feeding carp, you’ll get a free fly or two, you’ll learn what you don’t know, you’ll see great carp water.

On  search “Fish with a Pro – Carp” or click here.      All proceeds go to the South Platte River aquatic habitat restoration and DTU’s Trout-In-The-Classroom project.

Trevor Tanner was already hooked by a carper from Dallas. Check to see who’s up now!!

The PROs

Read the fine print.

This fishing trip however is NOT A GUIDED TRIP but a chance to fish WITH this legendary fly fisherman. The Pro will NOT tie on your flies, untangle your mistakes, risk his life to retrieve your fly, serve you lunch or give you casting instructions. But he will share one of his favorite places, his flies, the location of feeding lies, and suggestions on stalking, drift and rigging for Carp. You’ll have to sign a liability release because what you are buying is actually a local fishing buddy for a day.
    All proceeds will go to Denver Trout Unlimited, a 501 (C) 3, charity supporting habitat restoration of the Denver South Platte River and Trout-in-the-Classroom.
     Exact location will be determined based on conditions the day of the trip. The destination will be within 2 hours of Denver, Colorado. Date of trip will be arranged between the successful bidder and the Pro based on his availablity. A certificate will be sent to the winning bidder.
This is a trip to fish WITH this pro, not a guided trip for a fly fishing neophyte. Bidder should be in good physical condition and able to hike 30 minutes, if necessary, at 6,000 ft.
Buyer must:
  • Obtain a valid fishing license and Habitat Stamp prior to the trip.
  • Agree to catch and release fishing. Catching is not guaranteed.
  • Obey all local laws and fishing regulations.
  • Sign a liability waiver.