DTU Pro-Am Carp Slam Attracts Denver Media Attention

With the Slam slated for August 22 just days away, the local media are giving the event and the Platte restoration effort a nice boost. CBS 4 News did a great job covering our efforts at South Platte Park. DTU intends to do in-stream improvements as a demonstration site for fish habitat renewal. The preliminary study was recently approved by the City of Littleton and SSPR. Check out the two minute CBS4 video starring VP Todd Fehr at:


In a carp fishing coup, Tournament Director Tim Emery was able to hook and land a nice fish within 30 minutes as Denver Post Outdoor Reporter Charlie Meyers looked on. Charlie has been a long term supporter of TU efforts across the state. Read the Post story at:


All of this attention will help DTU and its partners gather both financial and civic support for this major undertaking.

Mike Hobbs
President Denver TU.


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