Carp Slam funds DSP aquatic habitat

Thank You CARP SLAM I through IX


You brought STONEY back to his home on the Denver South Platte.

We need you now to help get more and better water and habitat for our home river.

Stonefly photo by Randy Pruitt, Feb 23, 2016 on the Denver South Platte.
This 24 inch rainbow is very excited about Stoney coming home. He was momentarily caught and then released by Ronnie Crawford in March 2016 on the Denver South Platte.

Our goal the restoration of a healthy aquatic habitat over the 26 miles of the Denver South Platte from Chatfield Reservoir through Commerce City.

  • We provide seed money and fund basic studies needed to get aquatic habitat restoration and flow enhancements started.

  • Funds we raised from the Carp Slam were used as matching funds for 6 major Denver South Platte Projects.  Check out what we’ve done, what we’re helping with, and what we are studying.

  •  Join in so we can keep these studies and improvements going by making a tax deductible contribution to the cause.