CarpSlam X sells out in 6 days.


All 15 spots and the alternate for Carp Slam X have been filled by these committed Slamateurs. Many were former volunteers. Others have competed 3 or more  years. All love fishing for big fish (past years have averaged 26 inches) and helping restore the Denver South Platte, our home water.

Slamateur Competition has STARTED. The fund raising event has started to determine which of these 15 loves the South Platte the most and who has the most REAL friends, relatives, and friendly clients. The winner will grab the CARP SLAM X grand prize, an item beyond their fondest dreams.

These Professionals will be matched with the Slamateurs by random draw on Sept 9th upstairs at the Skylark Lounge. Don’t miss the intense excitement of this annual phenomenon exceeded only by the mass hysteria accompanying the drawing of the teams morning and afternoon Denver South Platte beats.