Shane Michael


Shane Michael pulls a carp from the Denver South Platte

BIO: I know water. I know where it comes from. I know where it goes. I probably know more about the water in the Denver South Platte than any other competitor, Professional or Slamateur. Don’t believe me?

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Carp Slam:  Rookie 2014

Favorite Carp Fly:  “Antron Bug” with modifications I call it the Shane-Tron Bug.

Why I am competing:   I am super excited to hang out with all these awesome guys!!!   I compete to get my feet in the water and catch fish. I can’t wait to tweet out and raise some money to put more and better water in the Denver South Platte. One of my main goals is getting other’s interested in carp, or any other ‘Alternative‘ fly-fishing species, in order to relieve the amount of pressure we put on our beloved mountain streams.”  Carp fishing has taught me more about trout fishing than you might think.

Bold Prediction:   I’ll get my feet wet.


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What I’ve Raised So Far: $ [wpdonatecollected cid=65]

Help out the South Platte Aquatic Restoration with a tax-deductible contribution: [wpdonatebuy cid=65]