Jay Shoemaker

BIO: Jay has been looking at, hiking along, and skipping stones into the Denver South Platte for as long as he’s been alive. It is his river. These are his carp. He wants one.

Carp Slam:  Rookie -2014

Favorite Carp Fly:  What’s a carp fly?

Why I am competing:  My brother Jeff goes on and on about  what’s on the banks of the Denver South Platte. I want to show him that what’s in the Denver South Platte is just as important.  The Carp Slam is a great way to raise money for Denver’s home water and I’m going to do it big time.

Bold Prediction:   No one will escape my eMail donation solicitation.


My Fund Raising Goal: $ [wpdonategoal cid=68]

What I’ve Raised So Far: $ [wpdonatecollected cid=68]

Help out the South Platte Aquatic Restoration with a tax-deductible contribution: [wpdonatebuy cid=68]