Dan Kagey


Dan Kagey and what he thought was a carp.

BIO: I’m a certified public bean counter. I fish from April 15th to December 31st. I’ve held licenses to hunt fish and count beans in Georgia, Virginia and Colorado. I’m counting on counting carp on September 6th.

Carp Slam:  Rookie 2014

Favorite Carp Fly:  I only have one. Do I need two?

Why I am competing:    Watching carp in the Denver South Platte opens new horizons for everyone interested in the natural world. To help make this river even better I will go to any lengths, even fund raising.

Bold Prediction:   I’ll count strikes, hits, runs, and how many are left on. I’m counting on my extensive network of LinkedIn and Facebook connections to book enough contributions to the Denver South Platte aquatic habitat restoration to win the Slamateur Fund Raising Competition.


My Fund Raising Goal: $ [wpdonategoal cid=63]

What I’ve Raised So Far: $ [wpdonatecollected cid=63]

Help out the South Platte Aquatic Restoration with a tax-deductible contribution: [wpdonatebuy cid=63]