Board Challenge – Fred


Board Member Challenges All to Kickstart the 10th Anniversary Carp Slam.

Fred is angling for some hookups.


  • Fred pledges to match up to $5,000 from Board Members  donating to kickstart the 10th Annual Denver Trout Unlimited Carp Slam.

  • Donations should be received by APRIL 17th.


BE PATIENT – Credit Card donations are processed by PayPal very securely. 

You should get a receipt from Paypal as well as from Denver Trout Unlimited. 



This is what we have so far.


  • These people have contributed so far:  Matt Thompson, Michael Hobbs, Ronnie Crawford, Mark Starosciak, John Davenport, Todd Fehr, Reid Baker, Scott Schreiber, Aaron Kindle, Clem Rinehart, Cory Stansbury
  • LET’S GET 100 %.