Trout’s Fly Fishing, Front Range Anglers, and Fish Explorer join the Carp Slam

Three more sponsors join the Carp Slam…

Trout’s Fly Fishing located in Denver, CO. has signed on to be a sponsor – this is Trout’s third year in the Carp Slam crew. Trout’s has a great supply of carp flies to help you become the Carp King. They are located on the corner of 6th and Marion, around the Cherry Creek North area.

Front Range Anglers of Boulder, CO has also become a sponsor of Carp Slam. Front Range Anglers is also the home of defending Carp King Rob Kolanda. Listen to Rob’s podcast on to find out how he won last years tournament and what the secret weapon fly was what Rob spent his prize money on.

And neither last nor least, Fish Explorer has become a sponsor. Fish Explorer is website that has all the fishing information you need for Colorado. also includes a podcast that is hosted by Tim “Fishman” Emery, who is the director of The Carp Slam, and over the next month and a half the podcast will convey every one of the pros secrets so you can show them who’s really boss oops…many details about Carp Slam.

Thanks to Trout’s Fly Fishing, Front Range Anglers, and Fish Explorer!


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