The World Fishing Network becomes a Carp Level Sponsor by donating over $2,500!

If you fish 23/7, and watch television the other seven hours of the week, there’s no doubt you know the The World Fishing Network:

Launched in December 2005, WFN provides a daily escape for the more than 50 million recreational and sport fishing enthusiasts in the United States and Canada with programming dedicated to covering every aspect of angling and sport fishing. WFN features American angling, saltwater and freshwater fishing, professional competitions, expert advice, international fishing tournaments, travel destinations and conservation.

We are proud to announce that the World Fishing Network has become our first Carp Level Sponsor with a donation exceeding $2,500, and they have also agreed to have a film crew on location.

The World Fishing Network is available through major cable, satellite and other platforms – you can check to see if WFN is available in your area by clicking here. If you aren’t getting it yet the WFN provides phone numbers for most major programming providers so you can prod yours to get those extra seven hours of your day filled.

We are happy to welcome them to The Carp Slam Team!

PRESS RELEASE: Denver Trout Unlimited & Barry Reynolds Host Fly-Fishing Carp Tournament To Benefit South Platte River

DENVER, CO June 22, 2009 — On August 22, 2009, Denver Trout Unlimited will be hosting The South Platte River PRO-AM Carp Slam Fly-fishing Tournament. Barry Reynolds will serve as the event’s Master of Ceremonies. The purpose of the event is to raise awareness and funds for the South Platte River as it flows through Metro Denver.

“Even though the charge of Trout Unlimited is to conserve, protect and restore coldwater fisheries, we the Metro Denver chapter feel it’s important to begin to raise awareness and funds to help enhance recreational opportunities and the potential riparian habitat of the urban South Platte itself,” stated Mike Hobbs, President of Denver Trout Unlimited. “If they can fish for trout in Arizona and Texas then there is no reason why we can’t start the process of making sections of the urban South Platte available for trout habitat

Barry Reynolds has carried the torch for carp fly-fishing for many years, “I did my first seminar on fly fishing warm water some 15 years ago and at that time when I would mention the opportunities and challenges that carp presented to fly fishers I would actually have people get up and walk out! Today I receive more demands and request for information on tactics and fly’s patterns for carp than I can keep up with. No longer a secret shared among only those who understood what the carp had to offer, thousands of anglers have become carp addicts.”

The tournament is open to 15 amateur anglers who will be randomly paired with professional guides from shops throughout Colorado. Teams will randomly pick beats laid out on The South Platte River in Denver. One of the sponsors of the event and Denver Trout Unlimited Board Member, Tucker Ladd with Trouts Fly Shop echoed the increasing interest in fly-fishing for warm water species. “Over the past year, our shop is seen incredible growth in the interest of fly-fishing for warm-water species that are close in to Denver. Within a half hour of downtown Denver there are some great spots to fish for bass and carp; and whether it’s the convenience factor or the rising cost of gas, more and more fly-fisherman are discovering the excitement of these warm water species.”

The event will take place all day on August 22, 2009 with Fuel Café, located at 3455 Ringsby Ct. serving as the festivities main headquarters. Cost for participation is $250 per angler and your fee includes the opportunity to fish with a pro, lunch/after-party at the Fuel Cafe, and the chance to be Denver’s Carp Slam champion. Sponsors for the event include Trout’s Fly Shop,, World Fishing Network,, Orvis of Cherry Creek, and The UPS Store at 700 Colorado Blvd. Interested participants should call Tim Emery directly at 303-517-9197 or email, for event and registration information. Additional information can be obtained at

Welcome to the Carp Slam website

We’ve got a new site, just for the South Platte Pro-Am Carp Slam. Here you’ll find news about the Slam, as well as information about how you can help the South Platte River Restoration. Whether it be volunteering at our event, joining as a sponsor, or matching wits against the toughest fish in Denver (and some of the toughest fly fishers anywhere), there’s something for everyone at the Carp Slam.

Check back soon for more news and information, here at our blog.

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