More Press for Carp Slam! Fly Fishing Retailers Show!

I just got finished with the Fly Fishing Retailers Show. The word on the street is great! Thanks to all of you. I have some soft commitments from new sponsors to get involved next year. Including: Mystic Fly Rods, Hatch Fly Reels (don’t tell anybody) Costa Del Mar, Seaguar, and more. Keep your eyes on Carp

Just announced there will be a Carp Slam Panel at the ISE show in Denver, January 7-10, 2010. More details to follow.

More Carp Slam Press! Thanks to Alex Landeen who flew in from Arizona just to write about the Carp Slam.
FISH CAN’T READ premier issue with Carp Slam Coverage Make sure you spread the word!

DTU Carp Slam Extended Image Gallery – The Other Stuff.

Alex will be my guest on this weeks Fly Fishing Podcast at

Have a great fall fishing season and make sure you “go out fishing”

Tim “Fishman” Emery

DTU Carp Slam



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