Jake’s very nice Rainbow near Milehi

Carp Slam X competitors caught 22 carp and some very nice trout. Ronnie Crawford won the Fund Raising Competition with a respectable $4,306 dollar effort and committed conservator Alan Rivoir come in second with $2,446. Slamateurs raised over $16,000 for the Denver South Platte.

CarpSlam IX 9/12/2015 appeared to be set up for perfect conditions. 9AM flow was 113 by 5PM it was 128. A truck at a construction site in draw around 11th Ave caused a very large mud event to enter the South Platte upstream of Milehigh. All the Slamateurs were skunked in the AM. Trevor found interesting water to land his first. Cody booked the largest carp of the tournament on the Alameda beat. In the afternoon the Slamateurs matched the Pros 5 carp to 5 carp with rookies scoring fish. Total inches of fish caught were the highest 

Fund Raising : 1st Place: Scott Demoss $2,306  2nd Place: Frank Wilson – $1,650 !!!  Over $1,000 Dzifa Glymin, Shawn Coulter and Joe Marr  …. Slamateurs raised over $14,943.



Alan Rivoir won the Orvis Helios rod by raising $8,000. Slamateurs together raised over $23,000.

Reed Baker (not Reid Baker) won the rooftop  fly casting contest with a score of 010110 on 5 casts.

Flow at Denver Gage = 177 cfs

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Scott Demoss (Slamateur lands 2 in  Carp Slam 7)  and Dave Luna (Winner of the 201o Carp Slam & Open Event) WIN !!!

Doug Long wins the Fund Raiser with $1,720 narrowly beating out once again, Will Rice. Slamateurs raised a total 0f $9,219.21 for the Denver South Platte aquatic habitat restoration.



Flow at Denver Gage 66CFS

Doug Long wins the Slamateur Fundraising with a total of $2,068 !!!! Slamateurs raised a total of $8,518.














2011 168cfs Place Amateur Pro Inches of Carp
1 Trevor Tanner Clint Packo 111.75
2 Michael Gracie Barry Reynolds 81
3 Nathan Davis Luke Bever 72.75
Non-carp Ty Clifton 22 Rainbow
2010  280cfs 1 Phil Beranto David Luna 29
2 Justin Clark Barry Reynolds29 29
3 Tony Kay Chris Galvin
Open-Fish Anywhere 
1 Tyler Kendricks David Luna
2 Matt Nery Kevin Nichols
3 Jake McKittrick Barry Reynolds
2009 220cfs 1 Tyler Steward Rob Kolanda 131
2 Michael Gracie Barry Reynolds 55
3 Paul Gaeke Matt Snider
Non-carp Chris Crosby 17 Walleye
Largest carp Luke Bever 30

2008     Who was the Slamateur Winner?  Send me (  your answer for a special prize.   Pro Winner was Rob Kolanda.

2007 –  Slamateur – Jeff Byrd       Pro – Clem Rinehart      FIRST YEAR.