Giant of Carpin

Giant, Clint Packo made a triumphal appearance at the DTU Social meeting, co-hosted by The Greenbacks, June 9, 2016 at the Skylark Lounge.

Clint covered these essential topics:

         1. What can a Slamateur do to be successful? Is it possible for the Slamateur to actually help the team?  

Clint’s response: Perfect your 30 ft cast, be patient, determine their feeding, lie, or cruising pattern, fish together with your pro.

         2. Thinking like a Carp. Is it different than thinking like a trout? 

Clint’s response: You can translate a lot of what you know about fish behavior to stalking carp. But you must realize a carp is smarter and can remember a bad “food – not food” encounter for a year and can communicate your presence to the rest of the pod by body language and chemical secretion. Spooking a carp

         3.  Tales of epic Carp battles.

Clint’s response: I don’t believe in hanging from trees or risking my life to get to a carp. Patience is always more effective.

         4. Flies, lies, carp behavior.

Clint’s response: Trevor’s Trouser Worm & Primordial Carp Stew (available from CatchFlyFishing ) and Zimmerman’ Backstabber (available at Charlies Fly Shop).

       5. Why I catch more fish than you. 

Clint’s response: Why? Because I’ve had more failures to catch carp than you have. I noticed that I lost a lot of hook-ups using flies that did not ride with their hook end up. That’s because the carp feed down.

         6. How the Carp Slam changed my life.

Clint’s response: Other than the endorsement money, women, fast cars, and world wide fame, the impact on my life has really been minimal. Maybe if I win one more Carp Slam.

         7. Are carp smarter than we are.

Clint’s response: Everything is smarter than you are. Don’t cast to the lead fish in a pod. Wait for the 3rd or 4th.

         8. What not to do, wear, or talk about at the Carp Slam.

Clint’s response: I don’t wear camo but I don’t let the carp know I’m there. Don’t wear bright colors and keep out of their line of vision.

For more details talked to someone who was there. Those that missed out have NO CHANCE of winning Carp Slam X.



Clint Packo is a GIANT of fly fishing for carp on the Denver South Platte. He is a wonder to both the father of Denver South Platte Carp on the Fly, Barry Reynolds , as well as the Prince of the Platte, Kerry Caraghar.

     “I knew there was something special about Clint when he was 12 years old,” said Caraghar shaking his head. “That boy can catch fish.”  Packo’s sense of habitat and fish behavior goes beyond words … to drawings and construction. His Freestone Aquatics have constructed more fish habitat than all other Carp Slam competitor or observer. Clint has won the Carp Slam twice in 2011 and 2012. Only Rob Kolanda, fly fishing Team USA member,  in 2008 and 2009 and Dave Luna, local legend and ballet king, in 2010 and 2013 have matched his feat but with fewer feet of fish.


        When Trevor Tanner drew Clint Packo as his partner in the 2011 Carp Slam, the groan of the other competitors was heard by the carp on the Denver South Platte 3 miles away.  Sure enough they won the Carp Slam and scored 111.75 inches of carp, exceeded only by Rob Kolanda and Tyler Steward in 2009  by one fish.

        Co-hosted by The Greenbacks:

The Greenbacks recognize the importance of thinking outside the box and bringing fun back to conservation. That’s why we are excited to co-host the kick-off to the carp slam. A bend in the rod is a bend in the rod, whether it’s a high mountain lake cutthroat or brute South Platte Carp. It’s all about enjoying the sport we love.