Ryan Ely

BIO: Ryan has been into fly fishing for a short but intense time. His obsession is progressing nicely having filled his species and age dance card, he’s now working on his color card. A mirror carp will the perfect cap to his quest.

Carp Slams:  Rookie 2015

What my Pro Partner can expect from me: Lots of questions.

Why I love the Carp Slam:  The Carp Slam will give me a chance to show my talents to the world. I really believe that healthy rivers are essential for a healthy community and the Carp Slam creates the seed money to grow great projects for the Denver South Platte. Please consider seeding a little cash to the cause of the river aquatic habitat.

Bold Prediction: The  Denver South Platte will be better off for allowing the Carp Slam within its banks.

1. Ryan Ely Sponsored by Amateur$ 500.00