Joe Marr



    Joe, is stoked for the Slam. His dry fly cast falls gracefully in the slack water just inches from the face of feeding trout. If he can do the same with a bead eye crawfish is yet to be seen. 

BIO. Mostly working a job to subsidize redfish trips to NOLA, he is hoping to save some bucks by, instead, carp fishing and going to Popeyes fried chicken afterwards.

Expect: free forceps and dumb looks

Why I love carp slam: three reason


Carp Slams:  Rookie 2015

What my Pro Partner can expect from me: Free forceps and dumb looks.

Why I love the Carp Slam:  The Carp Slam will give me a chance to get some really great fishing photos to paste to my facebook account. I really believe that healthy rivers are essential for a healthy community and the Carp Slam creates the seed money to grow great projects for the Denver South Platte.  Furthermore:

1. It’s Saturday off from sitting on the soccer sideline.
2. It’s fishing and beer.
3. It’s a great cause. We should have a great river running through our fair city.


Bold Prediction: The  Denver South Platte will be better off for allowing the Carp Slam within its banks.

1. Joe Marr$ 500.00
2. Jay DeSalvo$ 250.00
3. david friedenson$ 100.00
4. Marilyn Marr$ 100.00
5. Chris Geddes$ 100.00
6. anonymous $ 50.00
7. Anne Birdsall$ 50.00
8. anonymous $ 37.50
9. Bob McGuire$ 25.00
10. Thomas Smith$ 25.00