Dzifa Glymin


BIO: As the only fly fisher in Animal Planets “Top Hooker” reality fishing competition, “Z” held up the reputation of Colorado Fly Fingers in a sterling manner despite competing with an aggressive herd of spinner chuckers and contest events skewed toward the bamboo pole and bobber crowd. Competed in America’s Cup fly fishing tournament on the Arkansas. Probably the most experience competition angler in the 2015 Carp Slam.

Carp Slams:  2015, 2013- with Pro/ Kirk Deeter the team was skunked on tough A and H beats, 2011 with Pro Chris Galvin the team drew beats L and H.  

What my Pro Partner can expect from me: Encouragement, Whoops & Shouts, Great Photos

Why I love the Carp Slam:  This is a great event I have seen grow, volunteered for, and competed in.  It brings great awareness to an amazing resource in the heart of Denver.

Bold Prediction: Chris Galvin will show up with a Double Big Gulp of Diet Coke.

Help out the South Platte Aquatic Restoration with a tax-deductible contribution:

1. Dzifa Glymin$ 500.00
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4. anonymous $ 1.00