Slamateurs vs the homeless stonefly

The Carp Slam 7 is ON !  The first event is Fund Raising for the Aquatic Habitat of the Denver South Platte. Funds are used to seed projects that benefit the flow, the fish and the bugs below the water line of our Denver South Platte.

CLICK HERE TO GET IN THE GAME and support your favorite Slamateur or the homeless Stonefly.

Who will be the DOMINATE Slamateur !!!

Which of the Slamateurs can beat the homeless stonefly ?

Current up to the minute CONTEST RESULTS :

The homeless  South Platte Stonefly.

Forced to move upstream, he’d love to bring his family back to the Denver South Platte. Donate and help improve his habitat and give him back his home. –  $ 302.00




The Slamateurs:

Andy $300.00

Doug $1795.00

Will $1220.21

Trevor $550.00

Mark $300.00

Scott $307.00

Michael $300.00

Jeff $400.00

Barry $400.00

Hugh $300.00

Stephen $400.00

Tyler $800.00

Phil $725.00

Dzifa $300.00

Steve $670.00

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