Party of the Summer

Carp Slam 2017 After-Party tickets now on SALE! Best party of the summer. The Evening on the South Platte After Party will be held on the top floor of the DaVita building down town with amazing views overlooking the river and a venue to remember. The event features live music (WoodBelly) with catered food, wine and beer, highlighted by a silent auction with amazing gifts and the Carp Slam awards ceremony. after party tickets. 
Eventbrite - Denver Trout Unlimited's Carp Slam After-Party

Slamateur Slots going, going …


We have one committed Alternate at present and a Major Donor slot is open.  You can get in by registering for the

Carp Slam NOW!

1. Zach Drazner$ 500.00
2. Thomas Smith$ 500.00
3. Reserved for Major Sponsor$ 500.00
4. Barry Howsden$ 500.00
5. Kyle Richard$ 500.00
6. Ryan Russell$ 500.00
7. Ronnie Crawford$ 500.00
8. Austin Stewart$ 500.00
9. Vernon Naake$ 500.00
10. James Davis$ 500.00
11. Brian Fairchild$ 500.00
12. Andy Sutthoff$ 500.00
13. Reserved for Secondary Sponsor$ 500.00
14. James Marr$ 500.00
15. Jon Wright$ 500.00
16. Jeremy Elms$ 500.00