Uncle Mike Wants YOU to be a Volunteer at Carp Slam X.

Learn from the best fly anglers in the world for 8 hours during the Carp Slam FOR FREE. Many Volunteers go on to glory as competitors in the Carp Slam after serving as volunteers. Free lunch, swag, after party. Read more….


Carp Slam X - 9/10/2016

Carp Slam IX was a huge success !

Team Competition to catch Carp with a fly

    : More inches of Carp than ever. Many, many bass, and quite a few walleye.

1st Galvin/Putzier 100.75″
2nd Mueller/Wilson 58.5″
3rd Muchow/Heale 56.5″
Largest Carp- Cody Muchow 32″
Largest Exotic- Barry Reynolds 20” Walleye

Slamateur Fund Raising:

1st Place: Scott Demoss $2,306  2nd Place: Frank Wilson – $1,650 !!!  Over $1,000 Shawn Coulter and Joe Marr  …. Slamateurs raised over $13,228.

!!  These funds will be leveraged to improve the Denver South Platte aquatic habitat and fund Trout-In-The-Room which gets kids as excited about fixing the next 26 miles as you are.