Carp Slam X - 9/10/2016

Carp Slam IX was a huge success !

Team Competition to catch Carp with a fly

    : More inches of Carp than ever. Many, many bass, and quite a few walleye.

1st Galvin/Putzier 100.75″
2nd Mueller/Wilson 58.5″
3rd Muchow/Heale 56.5″
Largest Carp- Cody Muchow 32″
Largest Exotic- Barry Reynolds 20” Walleye

Slamateur Fund Raising:

1st Place: Scott Demoss $2,306  2nd Place: Frank Wilson – $1,650 !!!  Over $1,000 Shawn Coulter and Joe Marr  …. Slamateurs raised over $13,228.

!!  These funds will be leveraged to improve the Denver South Platte aquatic habitat and fund Trout-In-The-Room which gets kids as excited about fixing the next 26 miles as you are.