Carp Slam Recap!

The Carp Slam is past and what a great event! Sorry about being so late on this update, but if you were part of the Slam you know why. If you weren’t here is what happend. Friday night in the middle of my captians meeting speech, I got the call! What call? the only one that could make you leave an event you are hosting, no The Drakes were not hatching! My wife was hatching our baby girl! Yes, I am proud to annouce that Isabelle Brooke (trout) Emery was born at 8:24 pm.
Since then I have been a little busy. Below is a recap from Mike Hobbs that gives more details of how the event went down.

Third DTU Pro-Am Carp Slam a Homer
This was the third annual Carp Slam event held on 8/22. The tournament was started to raise awareness and funds for the restoration of the Denver metro Platte River. The players met at Fuel Café Friday to draw for pairings and beats. Just as Tournament Director Tim Emery was hitting his stride with announcements, his cell phone rang incessantly. Tim finally dug into his pocket and looked at the screen. “Gotta take this” he said. A minute later he returned and said “Gotta go, my wife’s having a baby”. World Fishing Network (WFN) was on the scene and hopefully they caught the historic call on video. From an organizational standpoint this was an inauspicious turn of events. On the other hand, Isabelle Emery entered the world at 8:20 PM bringing much joy to the Emery clan.

Saturday morning dawned sunny and warm with the river clear and flowing 220 cfs in Denver. Players and volunteers met at Fuel for the launch, some looking a bit worse for wear from premature celebrations. Coffee and muffins were served and teams were provided with maps and directions. Fifteen teams left for the river at 7:30. A few teams hooked up early, but all fish were lost. The team of Snider and Gaeke took two Carp in the morning session for a total of 53 ½”. Bever and Crosby landed two Carp above the 88th Ave. bridge with the smashed and drowned hopper. Luke Bever’s 30 ½” fish was the largest of the AM session and his team trailed by ¼” at the lunch break. Galvin and Graham were in 3rd place with two fish totaling 46”. In testament to the difficulty of catching Carp with flies, 8 of the 15 teams were blanked in the morning session. Tim Emery running on fumes left the nursery at lunch to take the helm of the thing that he had made. Lunch was served and smack was swapped. After lunch Tim thanked all those sponsors who donated to the event. WFN presented DTU with a check for $2,000 and Tucker Ladd of Trout’s Fly Fishing put up the $1,000 First Prize.

The afternoon was hot, but fish spotting was a bit easier thanks to the westering sun. The core beats around Mile High seemed to be most productive. The WFN crew had their cameras trained on the team of Rob Kolanda and Tyler Stewart hoping for a second half rally similar to the 2008 win. The J Beat was full of fish and Kolanda stuck 4 for a total of 105”. Stewart’s 26” fish was icing on the cake. Barry Reynolds and Michael Gracie got in the game at South Unlimited. Reynolds was blanked in 2008 but finally broke the bad juju with a nice 28” fish in the morning. Gracie added a 27” fish to the total. All teams returned to Fuel for the accounting. A few beers courtesy of Wynkoop Brewery salved the souls of the less fortunate. Broken Holmes band contributed their music to the waiting crowd. Rumors of Kolanda’s grand slam diminished the suspense and at 8 PM the winners were announced:

Rob Kolanda and Tyler Stewart each won $500 for 1st Place (131”) contributed by Trouts Fly Fishing.
Barry Reynolds and Michael Gracie took 2nd Place (55”) and Michael went home with a Simms Wading pack and a pair of River Shed Boots
Matt Snider and Paul Gaeke took 3rd Place, Paul went home with a Ross Essence 690-4 fly rod and Arrius #3 fly reel
Chris Crosby took Largest Alternate Species w/a 17” Walleye and took home $250 donated by The Denver TU Board
Largest Carp (30″) went to Luke Bevers

The event was a big success thanks to all the Pros, Amateurs, Volunteers and Sponsors who contributed.


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