Brett Graham

Brett with a grizzly on his shoulder.

 Bio: I’m a Hoosier who enjoys fishing.

Carp Slam:  2nd time.

Favorite Carp Fly:  Predator X2

Why I am competing:  I really enjoyed the first time I fished the Slam and now wanna help raise a few bucks for a wonderful cause.  There is no reason why the Denver Platte can’t be restored and start fishing better in the next 5 plus years.  Tight Lines Baby !

Bold Prediction: I won’t be wearing a buff.

My Fund Raising Goal: $ [wpdonategoal cid=60]

What I’ve Raised So Far: $ [wpdonatecollected cid=60]

Help out the South Platte Aquatic Restoration with a tax-deductible contribution: [wpdonatebuy cid=60]